Saturday, November 30, 2019

Noirvember - Snowfall

1 - Establishing shot of a forest in winter. It's snowing and the tops of the trees are covered in white. Birds fly out from the trees in agitation (we'll soon see it was a gunshot).


2 - Two figures stand in a clearing, snow peppering their shoulders. One is holding a gun at their side. Off behind them, at the edge of the panel, some legs are visible lying on the ground - maybe some red blood is speckled around it. Footprints are all about them, indicating they've been pacing about this area.

FIGURE 1: Really wish he'd talked sooner.

3 - The figures are looking around, concern on their faces as they realize the footprints stop outside their immediate surroundings - the falling snow has covered up their path in, leaving them without any indication of how to get out.

FIGURE 2: Yeah, that took forever.

FIGURE 1: For reals. Let's get...

4 - Repeat the first panel, but no movement from birds this time.

CAPTION (FIGURE 1): "...outta here..."

Friday, November 29, 2019

Noirvember - Carpool

1 - Interior of a car. It's recently crashed and upside down. Nina, Clara, and Sheila hang upside down, held in place by their seatbelts. They are unconscious and beat up from the crash. Nina, in the driver seat, is in the process of waking up, bringing a hand to her temple.

NINA (groggily): ugh...

2 - Nina looks around and surveys the situation. She does not like what she sees. One of her hands reaches for her seatbelt.

NINA: This is bad.

3 - Nina awkwardly flounces onto the roof now that her seatbelt is undone.

NINA: oof!

4 - Nina crawls about, trying to wake up her companions.

NINA: Guys, wake up. We gotta go.

5 - Exterior. The upside down car is kind of balanced on the side of the road next to a steep hill / precipice of some kind. It looks somewhat precarious.

NINA (inside car): We gotta go!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Noirvember - The Best Laid Plans

1 - Jo is lying on the ground, apparently unconscious. It's not entirely clear where she is, but she's on some concrete. She's cut up and bruised a bit, with some rips in her clothing. No other hints as to what's going on are visible.


2 - Repeat panel. Jo spasms a bit as she starts coughing.

JO: {koff! koff!}

3 - Closer in on Jo. She's up into a sitting position, holding her phone loosely in one hand. She looks tired and disappointed.

JO (quietly): dang

4 - On Jo, now talking into her phone.

JO: Hey, bad news.

5 - Pull out to reveal that Jo is nearby a neighbourhood power station, with some power lines, generators, etc. A car (that she was recently driving before jumping out of it) has smashed through the fence and crumpled into one of the generators. While the car looks rather worse for wear, beyond a possible minor dent, the generator seems to be fine.

JO: We need a new plan B

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Noirvember - Another Man's Treasure

1 - A river in a quiet, residential part of a city. A teenage girl, Olivia, splashes down into water with a big splash.

SFX: splnk!

2 - Worm's eye view looking up at Olivia sitting in the water, partially submerged (but able to sit up outside the water). She wears a stunned expression as she looks down at the water. Her friends stand on a little bridge above. Candice is horrified, while Brian and Kendrick are laughing.

CANDICE: Omigod, Brian!

3 - On Olivia, still looking down at the water, but her expression is now more shocked / surprised.

CANDICE (off-panel): Are you okay, O?

4 - Olivia picks a shiny piece of jewelry out of the water, amazed at what she's discovered. However, she may be looking past it.

OLIVIA: Guys...

5 - Focus on where Olivia is looking, as a bag of jewelry / general valuables sits on the riverbed nearby. Perhaps it's caught on some rocks, but the riches inside are visible.

OLIVIA (off-panel): You gotta get down here!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Noirvember - Tools of the Trade

1 - Paul is in a local hardware store. He has a basket in one arm and is adding a hammer to it with the other. There's already zip ties, a caulking gun, and some screwdrivers in the basket.


2 - Paul is comparing pliers, holding a regular set in one hand and needle nose in the other.


3 - Paul is speaking with a store employee, holding up some sandpaper for them to look at.

PAUL: Would you have anything coarser?

4 - Paul's at the checkout, the cashier ringing him through. He has a lot of tools on the conveyor belt.

CASHIER: Find everything you're looking for?

PAUL: Think so.

5 - Paul is outside the store, walking towards his car. He holds some shopping bags filled with his purchases. There isn't anyone much around.

PAUL: Sorry to keep you waiting.

6 - Paul has opened his car's trunk and is putting the bags in. There's also a person in there who is bound and gagged.

PAUL: I find fresh tools are generally best.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Noirvember - Power Dynamics

1 - Establishing shot of a downtownish street. It's winter time, so while it might not be late, it's definitely dark. It's also snowing. There are some storefronts of various restaurants, shops, etc. There's also a lonely looking alley.

ORSON (from the alley): Are you serious?

2 - Into the alley. We look at the boots of Orson and Scott standing amidst the freshly falling snow. Orson's boots look worn and ratty - maybe a hole or something close to it; whereas Scott's boots look new and warm. There's some garbage cans in the background, maybe one is spilled over, etc.

SCOTT (off-panel): Sorry, man, I forgot it at home.

3 - Focus on Scott's torso, revealing him to have a really nice jacket on. It looks warm and comfortable, particularly in the winter setting.

ORSON (off-panel): Will gimme your jacket then.

4 - Focus on Orson's face, he looks desperate and scraggily - not enough sleep, unshaved beard, scars, etc. The type of person who is not joking around.

SCOTT (off-panel): Are you serious?

5 - Reveal Scott and Orson in their entirety. Orson, looking as down on his luck as the previous panels have implied, is in the process of mugging Scott. He waves the knife menacingly to remind Scott of the situation he's in. Eyes wide with fear and worry, he starts taking off his jacket.

SCOTT (1): Right.

SCOTT (2): Okay.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Noirvember - Return to Sender

1 - First four panels are from the same framing of looking out a suburban house's open front door at the hoodlum standing on the steps. It's night time and the light from the house is bathing the woman standing there. She's wearing a balaclava, which obscures her face, a beat-up leather jacket, gloves, and a pair of cargo pants. She has one hand up and scratching the side of her head to try to hide how nervous she is. She grimaces awkwardly.

WOMAN (1): This is embarrassing.

WOMAN (2): I was nervous. Read the address wrong.

2 - Repeat framing. The woman holds a small piece of paper, maybe gesturing at flipping it 180 degrees or some arrows drawn to show this happening.

WOMAN (1): Realized too late I had the paper upside down.

WOMAN (2): And with your house being 616...

3 - Repeat framing. The woman drops her hands to her side and lets out a big breath of air, sighing. Either draw the air coming out and / or add in a little {sigh} in lettering.


4 - Repeat framing. The woman is still awkward / nervous, but she holds out a hand palm-up, hoping to receive something from her interlocutor.

WOMAN: I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm terribly sorry about the window, but could I have that back?

5 - Switch angles to reveal the terrified homeowner who is holding the brick the woman errantly threw through his window. He reaches out to give it back, terrified he might be in danger.